Showcase: Increase Productivity by Production Monitoring System


As you know well that electrical appliances will always have to reduce price after been launched in to the market for awhile, due to fierce competition. Our assembly production line is for support electrical applicance makers so it is a norm for us to continuously reduce cost and increase productivity.


Due to this year 2011, we have plan to increase productivity of our production line up 4%. We need some unexpense solution to report production quantity, tell us what/when the problem happen more accurately or even be able to set target, so we can use this report to take corrective action correctly.

Current Situation:

Our production line have 2 shift working 24 hour/day. We have a daily productivity report (of yesterday) to the management every morning. Basically, Productivity = F/G quantity x Std.time / Total working time x 100. The management must take a corrective action when the productivity result is less than 100%. Though we have leaders to write report what/when happened yesterday but it might not be an accurate infomation enough to make solid improvement action. Consequently, the daily productivity is hardly meet the target.


We have brought up our old project (1997) "Wizeye" and made an improvement for better. Basically, the "Wizeye" is a counter recorder that will count production quantity and record in its memory every 10 minutes, and we have a software to download the record in to PC to make a report graph. So for the latest version, we have improved the "Wizeye" to capable of non-stop recording for months , with WizEye3+WizEye9easy installtion and easy to use with less time consuming. We also add LCD monitor into the production line so the target and result of their works will be seen by workers, which are the same target/result reported in the graph to the management. The following video clip will show you how we are using this solution (you need to install the Flash player to watch the video)






After trial run and debuging software for 3 months, we have running this system since April 1, 2011 with a very satisfaction results. The worker are more responsive to the target/result than before, because now they can glance their progression on the LCD monitor. And the management can view production report graph or monitor progression and make appropriate actions to improve the productivity of the product line anytime.


This "WizEye" sytem we have created are operating in our company and our affiliates, please visit our WizEye page. If any of our audiences are interested in this sytem and want to use in your premises, we are willing to provide this sytem with less expense. Please do contact us.