Products: Coils

Other than subcontract jobs, we are also offering OEM products, Air coils and Bobbinless coils, which are mainly used in television, communication equipments and electrical appliances

Air Coils

Air coil is a type of coil without bobbin to hold its structure. Normally, the wire is formed in cylidical shape much like a spring-shape.


Core size
1.5-5 m.m.
Wire Size
0.25-0.50 m.m.
Straight with Soldered or Stripped








Bobbiless Coil

This is another type of air coil using Self-Bonding wire as a winding material. The benefit is it can be formed in various of shapes, with multilayer and with a very fine wire size.


Maximum Core witdth 60 m.m.
Wire size 0.05-1 m.m.
Layer Multilayer
Turn Unlimited