Product: WizEye

Improve Production Efficiency and OEE by WizEye


Our company, Paibul E.C.P. Co., Ltd., is a electronic and electrical part maker. We are specialized in design & building automation equipments and tools for our parts making process to fit the specific user's needs. Wizeye, the production monitor system, is one of our products.

At first, we aim to make WizEye to improve our production efficiency and OEE inside our company and affiliates (click here to see our developments).

 We later have found that this little tool (and easy to use) is a great tool to improve the production efficiecy and OEE in our company, so we decide to market it to general customers.

Any kind of industries you are in, we believe WizEye will be a great helper for improve production efficiecy and OEE of your company. Please take time to study our video presentation, if our product do interested you and you want to use it, feel free to email us at Or if you need more technical information, please email me at , you are always welcome.

  This updaed video is our new model of WizEye which provide wireless communication to you in WiFi, please take time to view our YouTube video.

(This is Thai version video, the English version will coming soon)

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