QR Lister - Scan & Create Lists






Application program:  QR Lister

Title:  QR Lister,  Scan QR Code & Create Extracted Lists


QR Lister is designed and made for business and personal uses. Basically, QR Lister will do following: Scan QR Code-> Decode to text -> Extract & Rearrange the text -> Make a Scanned List -> Sum the List -> Print, Email, FTP the List. If you using or plan to  use QR Code in your business environment or manage your personal belongings, QR Lister is the answer.

QR Lister is easy to use, just point camera to any QR Code, the app. will autofocus, recognize  the code and automatically read and process the code the way you have specified. You can turn on the lamp in low light situation. You can prevent "Double scan" by set  a pre-determined  primary key  to QR Lister.

QR Lister, during scanning, will provide Stamp of Phone ID, Date/Time of scan, GPS Location to the scan result.

QR Lister can keep records of your scanning in the History, which can be called back later. You can merge the old scans together , or even merge the old scans with the new scanning.

QR Lister use Delimiter to extract QR code's Text into separated fields of text. Delimiter is special charater (such as comma, semicolon, space,dash) embeded in QR Code. You can specify  which character be the Delimiter in the QR Lister.

QR Lister will make a list of scanned QR Codes called "Scanned List". And if you wish, you can dictate QR Lister to make a "Summed List" which will sum any numeric fields  together  guided by a pre-determined secondary key.

QR Lister can print the Lists to network printer or output the  Lists as CSV file to Email or FTP(File Transfer Protocol). With CSV files, you can process them later with other kind of software such as Excel.

QR Lister keep all working's behavior of the program in a file called "Style" which you can use  to fit your various situations. You can build your own Style or modify our examples as you wish.

Useful applications of this QR Lister will depend on What/Where you going to patch the QR Code labels to . These are some examples:

     On Goods : Make Delivery slips, Make Receipt slips, Inventory control, Goods tracking, Lot

                          control,  Product traceability (ISO9001)

     On Personal ID Cards : Time Attendance.

     On Places : Guard check in surveillance location.

     On Books : Check in / Check out books.

     On Equipments : Record maintenance.

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