The main purpose of this Web page is for members of our staff to present their improvement projects to the outside world. The projects are our activities under the Objective and Target of both ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004. In the past, we have problems to encourage our staffs to continuously work on theire projects due to their dialy workload and also nobody else, other than ourselves, will watch it anyway. We hope this page will naturally encourage our staff to be more active with the improvement activities. We have selected some of the outstanding projects to present in this Showcase page. Some detail of the projects have been omitted for the confidence reasons, but we hope our audiences from the outside will enjoy our presentation and found some useful for your time. Please click on the subject below:

Connect Multiple  Air Compressor

Decrease Electrical Energy of Multiple Air Compressor Units

Automatic Weight Checker

Automatic Frame Weight Checker

Increase Efficiency

Increase Productivity by Production Monitoring System

Wire Color Detector

Wire Color Detection Machine

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