Showcase: Automatic Frame Weight Checker


To increase efficiency by change the process from manual weight checker to fully automatic weight check.

Current Situation:

The process need every work pieces of Frame bearing be manual weighed after assembly to check whether is in the limit (Spec.: Frame A = 11.0-12.0 g. Frame B = 11.2- 12.2 g.). A worker must be assigned to weigh each frame on a weight balance and judge by look at the LCD indicator on the panel.


To build a weight controller equipment that can check the weight of each work piece, make judgement (Ok, NG) and have some kind of mechanism to separate Ok and NG work piece.


We have designed and built an equipment called "Automatic Frame Weight Checker" which comprise of the following components:








1. Load cell

2. Electronic Controller (Load cell indicator + Control board)

3. Rotation Chute

4. Firmware (Software for control board)

We have assemblied the equipment, run many tests and adjustment both the mechanic and firmware until we have a final product as result can watched in the following video (to view, you need the Flash player).




After have the load cell calibrated, we have started using this equipment to check the weight of the frame bearing of both Frame A and Frame B since October 2010. To confirm the process, we have using sample of NG (lower and upper limit) for checking the equipment judgement at the start and the end of working daily shift.